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Welcome to my web site. The aim of this introduction is to provide You with information about my skills, my knowledge and also a bit of my private life.

My name is Eberhard Schiebler and I am a network expert, who designs, installs, configures and operates computer networks and their components. In addition I am highly skilled at troubleshooting specific network problems and aiding the server and/or database administrators to locate problems they may have in their respective areas. Documentation, assessment and monitoring are also areas that I excel in. Although Cisco is my area of expertise I am also  competent in managing 3Com, Bay Networks and other network hardware competitors.
In my lengthy work history I have served several industry customers who have networks sized from 5 to 2000 nodes. I have been responsible for the operation of up to 45 networks in all areas of network management including procurement, installation, operations, replacement and consolidation. I was also responsible for up to 300 000 € budget, which covered the costs for this area.

Overall I have 23 years experience in IT and specifically 16 years in network operation and now I have become addicted to it.
Because of my commitment to this profession I will definitely continue to work in this challenging area where you never stop learning.

Apart from my latest experience I have a strong history of being a software developer and integration supporter, which also gave me a broad overview of technology and the industry sectors.

If my experience and passion for excellent network operations could be of benefit to your company's needs I would be happy to discuss further how I could help in your operations. I am willing to take on short/long term assignments or consultancy if this is what your organization is looking for.

Feel free to browse my site. If you have comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at:

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to hear from you.

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